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Mercy Corps - Driven to leave: Aid & Migration

Our report ”Driven to Leave” questions the efficacy of traditional development investments that seek to deter migration from countries lacking basic rule of law and security; and questions the impact of job training and skills building on migration intentions.

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Mercy Corps - Evaluation of the Somali Youth Leaders Initiative

Understanding what works to reduce violence, including violent extremism, is a key priority for many policymakers. Despite this need, to date there is very little research evaluating the effects of development programs on violence reduction. To address this knowledge gap, Mercy Corps undertook a rigorous impact evaluation of a 5-year stability-focused youth program in Somalia known as the Somali Youth Leaders Initiative (SYLI).

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GIZ - Evaluation of the Basic Education Programme for Afghanistan

The present study’s first aim was to review the relevance and impact of the strategic choice made by GIZ BEPA’s to use community mobilization as a conduit for the promotion of girls’ secondary education. Its second aim was  to evaluate the quality of implementation and sustainability of the programme; and finally, it will provide GIZ with practical recommendations for the improvement and potential extension of the programme.

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DMOYA/UNFPA/UNDP/UNICEF - Future In Transition: A Participatory Assessment of the Afghan Youth

As the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs drafts the National Youth Policy of Afghanistan, this report commissioned by DMoYA, UNFPA, UNDP and UNICEF was a first of its kind to be a dedicated, up-to-date document on the youth. The purpose of this report is to understand the conditions, aspirations and current state of youth in Afghanistan.

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Save the Children - Study on Schools as Zones of Peace

In Afghanistan, children’s access to education has improved considerably during the last decade. Yet, security continues to deteriorate in many parts of the country, placing education gains for many children at risk. Schools, students, and educators in conflict settings are direct targets of threats and attacks. This document provides highlights from research conducted by Samuel Hall Consulting for Save the Children International (SCI) in 2013.

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