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ODI - Journeys on Hold

Samuel Hall supported ODI in the development of this working paper that sets out to better understand whether, by providing alternative options, it is possible for policy-makers to prevent or reduce irregular migration from countries- and regions-of-origin. It looks at two measures in particular: in-country livelihood support, such as vocational trainings and loans, and refugee resettlement programming. Findings draw on qualitative interviews with Eritreans in both the northern province of Tigray as well as the country’s capital, Addis Ababa.

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IOM - Assessment of Economic Opportunities Along the Afghan-Tajik Border

The purpose of this assignment was to identify the needs and the economic potential in border communities on both sides, and point out initiatives with the potential to be scaled up to the benefit of local residents. The research questions addressed the potential of cross-border markets and possible synergies in cross-border labor market supply and demand. It considered existing initiatives with an eye to avoiding duplication of efforts.

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IOM - Evaluating IOM’s Return and Reintegration Activities for Returnees and Other Displaced Populations

This evaluation presents key findings from an assessment of IOM’s return and reintegration activities (2008 – 2013) in the provinces of Kabul, Nangarhar, Nimroz and Heart in Afghanistan. These activities included: post-arrival assistance, livelihood assistance and shelter assistance for deported and voluntary returnees and other vulnerable groups.

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DRC/WHH - Cash-Based Assistance Programmes for IDPs in the Kabul Informal Settlements

 Samuel Hall was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the 2013/2014 winter’s cash interventions through a three-phased approach including a baseline, midline and endline survey of their winter cash assistance activities in the KIS through a field- and evidence-based, quantitative and qualitative research study.

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ODI - Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium

Over the last decade, the international community has allocated billions of dollars in funding for programming in livelihoods, service provision and social protection; however there has been little accompanying investment in research as a sector or as an internal capacity. Livelihoods remain under researched in Afghanistan.

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