Ethics in Research


Samuel Hall is a social enterprise that conducts research in countries affected by issues of migration and displacement. Our mandate is to produce research that delivers a contribution to knowledge with an impact on policies, programmes, and people.

We abide by a variety of core values and expect adherence to them by our research teams. There is a clear ethos that defines Samuel Hall as a collective :

-          Empirical and grounded in the field;

-          Analytical and rigorous in the use of methods and data;

-          Honest in our intellectual and scientific pursuits;

-          Creative and innovative in our ability to make an impact on people’s lives;

-          Dedicated to the respect for human rights, transparency, and accountability.

We work in mixed teams, ensuring that every report benefits from differing perspectives and approaches, as well as from the advantage of all the resources at our disposal. We abide by safeguarding principles, collect informed consent from all our research participants, employ quality control mechanisms at every step of the research process, and engage in workshops to validate our findings with stakeholders.

We are an inherent part of the research landscapes in the countries we study. We commit ourselves to be part of these landscapes for decades to come, developing research capacity along the way, from Afghanistan to Somalia.

Kabul Province Qarabagh District 2019 - WB Energy.JPG