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EUTF/Samuel Hall - Mid-Term Review of the EUTF Regional Development and Protection Programme in Kenya: Support to the Development of Kalobeyei

In 2018, Samuel Hall in collaboration with the EU reviewed the Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Plan (KISEDP) project to assess whether objectives had been achieved, and where obstacles and opportunities exist to inform future iterations of the project.

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ILO - Scoping Study on Public-Private Development Partnerships in the Renewable Energy Sector

This Scoping Study for a Renewable Energy Skills Development PPDP Facility seeks to understand how a PPDP (Public Private Development Partnership) training initiative can successfully bridge the renewable energy skills gap in the Somali power sector while ensuring a sustainable impact on the local population.

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NMFA - Review of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' (NMFA) Support to ACTED in Faryab Province, 2013-2015

Given the current worsening security situation in Afghanistan broadly and Faryab province more specifically, this evaluation is particularly timely: the identification of the success and challenges of existing of the current project are necessary to identify a realistic roadmap for the NFMA and ACTED, as this will prove a pivotal time in identifying necessary internal and external changes.

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UN-Habitat - State of Afghan Cities Report

This report shows that Afghan cities are a driving force of social and economic development, state-building and peace-building, yet their full potential has been constrained by the absence of an effective urban policy and regulatory framework, insufficient and poorly coordinated investment, and weak municipal governance and land management. Samuel Hall contributed its expertise to the urban economy analysis section of the report.

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OCHA - September Humanitarian Bulletin

In a challenging Afghan environment, Cash Transfer Programmes (CTPs) have proven to be an efficient, safe, and flexible assistance tool that has delivered all or part of a response: i) in emergency or development situations; ii) across a large spectrum of activities (livelihoods, WASH, food security), and iii) in diverse geographic locations (urban and rural communities). To fuel the on-going debate, we listed for OCHA key findings and lessons learned from Samuel Hall’s most recent publications.

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UNDP – Afghanistan Development Report

From its initial focus on early recovery, the UNDP programme has evolved towards an increasingly substantive contribution to the cause of security and development in Afghanistan. UNDP has increasingly understood the importance of the institutions of democracy, state and rule of law in ensuring a smooth transition process with prospects of long-term peace and development.

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JICA - A Study of the Kuchi Population in the Kabul New City Area

This report looks at the affect of New Kabul City - a development that when completed will occupy a space 1.5 times the size of the current capital and include agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential developments - on migratory and sedentary Kuchi populations that have traditionally used the intended area to graze their animals in the warmer months.

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UNIDO – Priorities for the Implementation of Standards in Afghanistan

Among the obstacles faced by private actors in the development of their business come regularly three major challenges: security, corruption and lack of electricity. Beyond these obvious issues, private actors also long for a sound business environment based on clear and respected regulatory frameworks and guidelines. Among them, the development of national standards is crucial.

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