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NRC - A Research Study on the Challenges of IDP Potection in Afghanistan

This analysis focuses on assessing the causes of prolonged and multiple displacement and seeks to present the key protection challenges still confronting displacement-affected Afghans today. Combining the voices of IDPs with analysis of primary data collected from IDPs and secondarily displaced returning refugees across Afghanistan.

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DRC - Great Lakes Civil Society Project

Samuel Hall was commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in October 2014 to conduct a mid-term review of the second phase of the Great Lakes Civil Society Programme (GLP), a regional programme implemented since January 2010 by DRC with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

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MORR/UNHCR/NRC - Afghanistan National IDP Policy Brief

This Policy Brief, prepared with the support of UNHCR and NRC, is intended to serve as a reference guide to help all stakeholders understand what their role is in supporting the effective implementation of the Policy and to contribute towards ensuring that the rights of IDPs are protected throughout all phases of displacement.

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DRC/WHH - Cash-Based Assistance Programmes for IDPs in the Kabul Informal Settlements

 Samuel Hall was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the 2013/2014 winter’s cash interventions through a three-phased approach including a baseline, midline and endline survey of their winter cash assistance activities in the KIS through a field- and evidence-based, quantitative and qualitative research study.

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IOM - IDP Movement Tracking, Needs and Vulnerability Analysis - Afghanistan

This study presents the results of IOM’s IDP Movement Tracking and Needs and Vulnerability Analysis Exercise conducted in Dec 2013 by Samuel Hall. It seeks to provide IOM – and its migration and displacement partners – with field-based evidence of issues that negatively impact both conflict and natural disaster-induced IDPs in Afghanistan.

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MEI/FRS - Urban Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons

How to respond to urban displacement and improve the care and maintenance to vulnerable displaced and returnee populations in Afghanistan’s main cities? After reviewing the background and context of urban displacement in Afghanistan, this paper aims at highlighting the relevance and timeliness of analyzing the movements of returnees and IDPs to Afghanistan’s main cities.

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