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NRC - A Research Study on the Challenges of IDP Potection in Afghanistan

This analysis focuses on assessing the causes of prolonged and multiple displacement and seeks to present the key protection challenges still confronting displacement-affected Afghans today. Combining the voices of IDPs with analysis of primary data collected from IDPs and secondarily displaced returning refugees across Afghanistan.

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DRC - Great Lakes Civil Society Project

Samuel Hall was commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in October 2014 to conduct a mid-term review of the second phase of the Great Lakes Civil Society Programme (GLP), a regional programme implemented since January 2010 by DRC with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

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UNMAS/UNOPS - Evaluation of the Mine Action Programme of Afghanistan (MAPA)

UNMAS and the Mine Action Programme of Afghanistan (MAPA) are in a paradoxical situation. Successful and increasingly efficient over the past six years, the MAPA is now in a delicate position to negotiate the years to come, as it struggles to secure the yearly funding it needs to allow Afghanistan to fulfil its treaty obligations.

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Save the Children - Study on Schools as Zones of Peace

In Afghanistan, children’s access to education has improved considerably during the last decade. Yet, security continues to deteriorate in many parts of the country, placing education gains for many children at risk. Schools, students, and educators in conflict settings are direct targets of threats and attacks. This document provides highlights from research conducted by Samuel Hall Consulting for Save the Children International (SCI) in 2013.

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