NRC - Living Out of Camp - Alternative to Camp-Based Assistance for Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia


This research is the first study of alternatives to camp-based assistance in Ethiopia for Eritrean refugees, and the first thorough review of Ethiopia’s Out-of-Camp scheme (OCP). The situation of Eritrean refugees – as highlighted in the pages of this report – draws attention to two equally vulnerable groups: 1) young, single refugee males in situations of secondary movement and engaged in further irregular migration, and 2) protracted refugees with specific displacement-related vulnerabilities (women, children, elderly) who are highly – and almost exclusively – dependent on external aid. Both have low self-reliance levels and lack effective coping strategies – their only response is either to further migrate or to stay in the camps. In both situations, they are unable to secure livelihoods. They are victims of cycles of vulnerability and poverty caused by deportation, lack of networks and livelihoods, and lack of community-based support systems.

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