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Open Society Foundations - Free and Safe Movement in East Africa

A multi-region study analysing migration policy and practices in Central, East and Southern Africa. This report reviews findings at the East African sub-regional level at a time of growing attention to fostering mobility and mobility’s gain for protection and development.

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HIF/Samuel Hall - Innovating Mobile Solutions for Refugees in East Africa

This study takes a significant step towards deciphering the degree to which mobile phone coverage, access to smartphones, awareness of mobile-based services and technical literacy affect the role mobile technology can play in supporting refugees.

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ReDSS - Durable Solutions Review in East Africa

By reviewing existing initiatives, frameworks and commitments in the search of durable solutions in the region, this study conducted by Samuel Hall looks at good practices, challenges and opportunities. The objective is to have a better understanding of the current landscape in order to improve coordination and to inform a learning and capacity development agenda across stakeholders.

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