STEFANIE BARRATT  Data Standards & Analytics

Data Standards & Analytics

Stefanie Barratt holds Master’s degrees in Development Economics from Sciences Po Paris and Université Paris Dauphine. At Samuel Hall, she applies her background in statistics to the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data collected by field teams under her supervision, across Asia and Africa. As head of Samuel Hall’s Data Standards & Analytics Pillar, she works to advance standards in data collection and analysis in challenging settings - from beneficiary selection to monitoring of programmes. Stefanie conducts her research with an eye to developing transparent and replicable methodologies to inform evidence-based policy planning. Over the past years, Stefanie has increasingly focused on the rigorous collection and analysis of data in forced displacement settings in order to shed light on sensitive topics such as displacement-related vulnerabilities, traumatic experiences, and attitudes/opinions.


UNHCR Jordan: PDM & High Level Statistical Research on Humanitarian Cash-Based Intervention (CBI) Programming in Jordan

Womanity Foundation: GCC - Sustainability study for the girls can code programme in Afghanistan

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Combined Quantitative and Qualitative Progressive Effects Evaluation for the Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) for the Horn of Africa