IBRAHIM RAMAZANI  Field Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Ibrahim Ramazani is a Field Coordinator at Samuel Hall. He started working in the research field in 2006 and held roles as Team Leader, Supervisor, Monitor, and Field Coordinator. During the last 16 years he has traveled extensively to more than 25 provinces in Afghanistan and therefore has a vast social network among the many ethnicities across Afghanistan’s different provinces. His extensive network of elders and local authorities in different provinces allows him to retrieve up-to-date security information and coordinate most parts of the field work within these communities. He has extensive experience training our field staff and enumerators, as well as preparing field reports in different media, extending to community profiles and short films. During the last 16 years he has implemented hundreds of projects.


World Bank: Qualitative Assessment of Pathways to Youth Inclusion in Afghanistan

Econometria: Summative Evaluation and Randomised Control Trial for Adolescent Women's Leadership Initiative Project (AWLI)

WarChild: Research Study on Deported Minors in Western Afghanistan