Through our proven expertise, established presence and networks, we have built a solid track record in meeting our clients’ needs and goals, delivering a range of services: research methods adapted to the field, data collection, analysis, report writing, academic papers, and policy briefs, as well as multi-media work including video, photos, and testimonies from the field. This work is spread thematically across five pillars:

  1. Migration and Displacement

  2. Resilience

  3. Children & Youth

  4. Implementation Research

  5. Data Standards & Analytics

implementation research

Technology and innovation designed to support migrants


Our Implementation Research pillar was developed in 2016 with a dual objective in mind: first, to ensure that monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian and development programmes consider the scalability and sustainability of actions, learning from best practices and identifying mitigation strategies to risks and challenges that commonly face practitioners and implementers. Second, a focus on the role of technology and innovation in supporting migrant and low-income communities, with opportunities to support the roll-out of innovations that are sustainable and viable over the longer-term.

The pillar team also conducts action research, evaluation studies, and acts as a learning partner alongside NGOs and multilaterals looking to implement and scale innovative programming in the fields of education, healthcare and nutrition, livelihoods and employment in the Global South. Examples include the pillar team’s 3-year contribution to building Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) capacity across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan for the Better Migration Management project in the Horn of Africa; Innovating Mobile Solutions for Refugees in East Africa through a grant from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund to explore how refugees traveling within East Africa use mobile technology and the internet to support migration, and to what extent current mobile tech solutions meet their need. Finally we are working to strengthen channels for remittances to refugees in Kakuma, Kenya and in Kismayo Somalia through funding from the IOM ACP-EU project. 

Our team puts forth methods to guide the scale-up, sustainability, acceptability, and equity of such projects. 

We are particularly known for our expertise in the following sub-topics: 

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Action and implementation research looking at barriers and constraints, testing and integrating solutions found

  • Exploring the role of innovation and technology