HAROON YAQUBI  Field Liaison Officer

Field Liaison Officer

Mohammad Haroon Yaqubi is the Call Center Manager and Field Liaison Officer for the Afghanistan office at Samuel Hall. He has more than ten years of work experience in challenging environments with different research projects in Afghanistan. Haroon has extensive technical and managerial experience, including in the supervision and management of call centre teams; data cleaning; quality assurance; data visualisation and the management of data collection using excel, SPSS statistics, quantitative tool development, and coding (Ona, XLS), project data entry (EPI Data) on a range of complex, multi-year research projects. Haroon has previously worked on several survey projects for organisations including CARD-F, World Bank, USAID, USWDP, and the Aga Khan Foundation under the employment of Altai and Noma Consulting.


World Bank: Household and Enterprise Energy Diaries for the Afghanistan Energy Study