Through our proven expertise, established presence and networks, we have built a solid track record in meeting our client’s needs and goals, delivering a range of services: research methods adapted to the field, data collection, analysis, report writing, academic papers and policy briefs, as well as multi-media work including video, photos, and testimonies from the field. This work is spread thematically across five pillars:

  1. Migration and Displacement

  2. Resilience

  3. Children & Youth

  4. Implementation Research

  5. Data Standards & Analytics


New and better approaches to field data collection, analysis, and interpretation


The Data Standards and Analytics Pillar creates tools for use in the analysis and interpretation of field data. We rely on the experience and data accrued by Samuel Hall over more than a decade of fieldwork in contexts ranging from Afghanistan to the MENA region, from East to West Africa. We look at data from novel perspectives, developing sampling methodologies, indices, statistical models, and predictive analytics. We strive wherever possible to collaborate in and contribute to the creation of global standards and best practices in the hope of informing spirited and rigorous policy debate.

Our research teams implement advanced sampling strategies, including standard stratified sampling and cluster-sampling techniques, as well as more advanced reference-driven sampling methods. We have developed telephone-based canvassing techniques able to reach respondents from every province and district in a given country, and we have recently completed the first large-scale diary survey in Afghanistan, tracking over 3,000 households and 200 businesses for one year to glean an understanding of their energy consumption over time.

Samuel Hall has developed a number of indexing and scoring algorithms that have later been adopted by clients for use in future studies.  Past innovations include a youth-employment nexus study to identify and assess employment opportunities for displaced youth (Investing in Somali Youth Exploring the Youth-Employment-Migration Nexus in Somaliland and Puntland),  and an integration index to evaluate the degree of assimilation of relocated displaced persons based on similarities to the host community using refined nonlinear regressions (Developing a multi-dimensional integration index in Afghanistan). 


We are particularly known for our expertise in the following sub-topics: 

  • Sampling methodologies 

  • Statistical models, indices, and predictive analytics

  • Tools creation for the analysis and interpretation of field-collected data

  • Setting standards for field data collection and analysis