Through our proven expertise, established presence and networks, we have built a solid track record in meeting our client’s needs and goals, delivering a range of services: research methods adapted to the field, data collection, analysis, report writing, academic papers and policy briefs, as well as multi-media work including video, photos, and testimonies from the field. This work is spread thematically across five pillars:

  1. Migration and Displacement

  2. Resilience

  3. Children & Youth

  4. Implementation Research

  5. Data Standards & Analytics

children & youth

Allowing children and youth to voice their future


Our Children & Youth Pillar focuses in on these key segments of the population whose needs, rights, and aspirations are little understood within contexts affected by migration. This thematic pillar delivers research that responds to the global explosion of this demographic and its central role in shaping the future. Over half the world’s population is currently under 30, the vast majority of which lives in developing countries. Rather than see them as a force for development, political, and societal change, the rhetoric around this youth “bulge” casts young people as a burden and children as “victims” to be protected.

Samuel Hall takes a new approach to these children and youth in order to give them a voice and support their growth. This Pillar takes seriously the transformative potential of these demographics on the global challenges set by migration, aiming to develop a body of research that will broaden and shift perspectives on this issue. The Children and Youth Pillar considers this group from three perspectives: foundational rights, key transitions, and aspirations. Our approach seeks not only to provide them with practical support in accessing education, health, and other services, and ensuring their rights are respected, but to give them agency over their choices, their pathways, their future. 

This Pillar has explored a range of issues pertaining to the lives of children and youth. Our team has conducted studies on child labour for a range of organisations, including ILO and Goodweave; we have investigated access to education in countries like Afghanistan and Zambia in collaboration with UNICEF; we have examined the lives of child returnees from Europe in Afghanistan; we have worked on gender issues in relation to, for example, child marriage and other forms of gender-based violence in, for example, Bangladesh.

Our approach to research with children and youth is to give them a voice and support their growth. 

We are particularly known for our expertise in the following sub-topics: 

  • Child protection (inclusive of child marriage, child labour, and child migration)

  • Education, in particular in contexts of conflict

  • Decision-making and youth aspirations.